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MET TATHIONE USERS TESTIMONIALS Met- International offers Met Tathione Products, one of the best skin whitening and anti aging products. Met Tathione is a re…
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As a newbie fresh model, her first commercial to be shown primarily whether sometimes in public but not before careered in movie or television show industry …
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  1. MrSUPERTIKONG says:

    scam nanaman yan

  2. Anna Salvadico says:

    Really? so its bad to use it?

  3. nbkfjbmcjzdbfvkbkc14 says:

    maraming ngklat n mga pekeng product..ung iba ginagaya pa ung pngalan ng isang naaprubahan na products pra mas madali nilang maibenta sa mga nagnanais n pumuti..

    kya po ingat na lang sa pagbili

  4. Tatiana Slvyanova says:

    Fake pla yan eh..tsk tsk tsk..mag Aiglobal nlng kau cgurado pang gganda kau at ssigla ktawan me for inquiries(thanks) goodluck my sis/bros. welcome to our company,pwede kpa mg business d2..

  5. mhariane hailey says:

    i have been using this product for 2 years…but instead i get the good result..ive got bad result-..and i dont know where to complain…since metathione doesnt have any site to ask and to complain…so i dont suggest this product….this product promised u to have lighter skin,,but it will darker your skin…

  6. nmtheone says:

    let’s all stop being hypocrites, white people change skin colour too.

  7. jenna Miley says:

    Yea they look like ghosts bc it is not natural.

  8. jenna Miley says:

    I mean preferring pale skin is not about White people only, they just see beauty in pale white skin. In Japan and china, they have preferred it for thousands of years before seeing White people. And I have seen blonde people age 80 who still have hair.

  9. BiBi H says:

    It’s not just because they’re in the sun. The poor people are mostly mixed with Negrito. The rich people are mixed with Chinese and Spanish. That’s why there’s a difference in skin color. It’s racial

  10. TheSuperk25 says:

    In the Philippines, fair skinned are rich people. Darker people means they are laborers who’s always under the sun that’s why they’re dark. It’s a colonial mentality too and It’s a human nature to want something they don’t see around much.

  11. Jeng Rubio says:

    hey can you upload some joy commercial?

  12. barry graham says:

    I don’t get it at all, I am white an we love the Asia girls for their great looking skin color an black hair!! I wish I could have one of those little brown pinnays for my very own… yep i really dont care for my pale white skin at all really let’s trade baby!! explain it to me, is it the fact that thur history white Europeans have had most of the money, land, power. You know our blonde hair falls out by 60

  13. oneuniqueusername says:

    Really sad… most pinays just wanna be white… it’s sick. I see pinays walking around with foundation 10 shades lighter just to have that ghostly appearance. it just looks hideous. I say… ban whitening products and their ads because they keep pushing this white concept of beauty.. coz Filipinos come in different shades (mostly brown, mind you!) and they’re all beautiful. But the skin whitening hype has gotten beyond ridiculous.

  14. John Dejesus says:

    she looked better with the tan.

  15. OhNoThanks says:

    cant blame marketing? My point is that I just dont seem to understand people’s attitude toward thinking ‘lighter skin = luxurious life’. How about standing right next to a group of White people – when they look down on you because of the colour of your skin.. then tell me how you feel and tell me it is still ok! I am pretty sure if somebody said something about Filippino’s..the whole country would be in histerics but it is ok for them to snob their own kind based on the tone of their skin.

  16. OhNoThanks says:

    that is on the borderline of ‘racist’ and ignorant – sorry but if you expect not to be stereotyped then perhaps you should take a long look at what you are saying.

  17. Américo Häms says:

    and it is a white beautiful glowing skin is healthy and it DOES represent a luxury life ’cause that means they dont work at sun

  18. OhNoThanks says:

    to say light skin is a luxury? Borderline racism! How dare people say ‘lighter’ skin = prestigious life…makes me sick!

  19. Américo Häms says:


  20. Nightberrii says:

    there are many people who are fair naturally and wouldn’t change it for any money in the world! i find it bizarre to pay for tanning beds to basically ruin their skins, and after few years they buy all of those anti-aging creams- hypocrites!

  21. tropical481 says:

    Can’t we ever be happy in our own skin..

  22. whydub says:

    oh god minus points all around

  23. CoverUfan says:

    wow she’s so gorgeous with white skin she turned the dude straight? hilarious

  24. FireBomberBassist says:

    The whitest white white filipino white people so white

  25. OhNoThanks says:

    Need to be banned! This disgust me

  26. TriplexOC says:

    i think it’s the perspective of each individual who wants their skin lighter or not. I live in california and never i told a caucasian person that white skin is beautiful so why tan? If it makes them happy so be it.

  27. w13h says:

    Adweek just posted and article about 50 best gayest ad. I think they had a good selection. but in terms of relevance, use of gay angle, and product proposition – i thought this advertisement should be up there also. im gonna send them this link

  28. w13h says:

    Adweek just posted and article about 50 best gayest ad. I think they had a good selection. but in terms of relevance, use of gay angle, and product proposistion – it thoguht this advertisement should be up there also

  29. Rhysha Gallo says:

    This video is beyond pointless. sorry but people should be happy with their skin colour and I am not caucasian. I like my olive skin tone and others should love theirs too and not try to lighten them. they should be confident with what they have!

  30. abbylmdizon says:

    People, brown is beautiful.
    Skin whitening products are effective only when you stay indoors, away from your windows &any reflected sunlight. Seriously, who wants indoor palor? If that’s what you want, just stay indoors. It really works. Even if you use this product, the moment you step into the sunlight,you’ll return to natural brown. Maricar Reyes’s sex videos w/Hayden Kho prove that her skin is lighter than the skin of most Filipinas. This product did not make her skin whiter.